Lynette Spencer

Lynette Spencer is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and Certified Clinical Adventure Therapist (CCAT). She is the co-founder and Managing Partner of Action Consulting and Therapy and founder of the nonprofit Adventure Works of DeKalb County. Since getting her masters degree in 1992, Lynette has developed clinical expertise in emergency mental health crisis assessment and intervention, Cognitive Behavioral and Solution-Focused therapy, Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy (ERPT), partial hospital and inpatient behavioral health hospital for stabilization, and has several years of experience in outpatient psychotherapy practice, working with all ages and specializing in women’s health challenges from pregnancy and postpartum health, managing parenting and professional focus, as well as women’s issues in the workplace. Additional clinical specialty experience includes anxiety spectrum disorders with particular interest in treating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Lynette has many years of experience and interest in working with individuals and couples. 

Throughout her first 18 years of clinical practice Lynette had the opportunity to develop and enhance clinical programs to meet the evolving needs of several organizations. While developing programs and clinical teams, Lynette developed an expertise in organizational systems and culture building. In 2010 she looked beyond the traditional counseling office to meet the needs of youth in therapy, and founded an adventure therapy & outdoor behavioral healthcare community based nonprofit called Adventure Works. She served as executive director for Adventure Works from 2010-2021. 

In 2015 Lynette partnered with Sarah Lloyd to found Action Consulting and Therapy, PLLC. Originally meeting through their passion for experiential therapy, Lynette and Sarah worked together for 8 years prior to Action’s launch. Sarah served as a board member and clinician at Adventure Works from 2011-2015. 

Having the unique experience of founding and managing both nonprofit and privately owned counseling practices, Lynette has expertise in guiding the passion and energy of entrepreneurs. With an affinity for working with women in business, Lynette consults on a variety of start-up and organizational systems challenges with sustainability and substantial outcomes in mind.

Whether Lynette is partnering directly with clients on their journey toward wellness, training a team of clinicians, offering clinical supervision, consulting with entrepreneurs, presenting at a symposium, working as a business consultant, talking to parents, teachers or community members, leading a retreat, Lynette serves people who are committed to helping others and themselves, and who are looking for a guide on their journey.