Mariangela Carr

Mariangela holds a license in marriage and family therapy and has spent more than 10 years helping individuals, couples and families overcome various life transitions and challenges. Mariangela has broad experience working with diverse communities and helping to manage a range of presenting issues. Her experience includes crisis stabilization and short-term therapy as well as longer-term, strength-based treatment. Additionally, Mariangela has worked in a school setting and understands the complexities of balancing the emotional needs of children and adolescents with their educational goals.

Mariangela earned her master’s degree from Northern Illinois University with a Marriage and Family Therapy specialization. Mariangela was trained in a systems-based approach and draws from that experience in assisting clients to connect internal distress to larger systems at play.

Mariangela appreciates the need for an individual, tailored approach for every client in order to address their unique needs.  Mariangela balances therapy with therapeutic interventions and client-led processes. Understanding that client-therapist rapport is imperative in promoting change, Mariangela fosters a non-judgmental space and encourages clients to speak freely and at their own pace.